Daxton Copeland, age 3

Photograph by Micah Green (2021)

Daxton Copeland is determined and resilient. His mom, Krista, says, “Dax lights up the room: he loves to be the center of attention and to do things he knows will get a reaction. He is a pro at arching one eyebrow when he means business. He brings so much happiness into our lives.”

Dax’s big, beautiful smile is what helped his parents understand the signs of his rare genetic disorder. Through research, they learned he is 1 of 500 in the world with his diagnosis of SATB2 Associated Syndrome. They are excited to tell Dax’s story to encourage other families who may be starting a similar journey.

Working on his animal sounds, Krista says he has the cutest roar and quack you have ever heard. He loves anything that has to do with water, whether it is the bathtub, his grandparents’ pool or his pirate ship water table. He loves music, being outside, riding his golf cart and eating Chick-fil-A waffle fries.

He has not let his diagnosis get in the way of communicating his needs and emotions. In the process, he’s teaching everyone around him to listen not just with their ears, but with their eyes and their hearts.

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