Aiden Thomas, age 4

Photograph by Summers McBride (2021)

Aiden is full of laughs and joy. His smiles and verbal cues let you know he loves you. He enjoys being involved with everyone and wants to be a part of anything those around him are doing.

Aiden enjoys wrestling and playing peek-a-boo with his two older brothers. He likes to be taken for a walk around the neighborhood when it’s cool outside. A favorite outing is going to church–the moment he gets in the door and hears the music his feet are moving with joy and he is all smiles as they proceed to his regular spot in the front row.

Aiden has shaken baby syndrome and cannot walk, crawl, or talk—but he coos “Ma” and “Dah”. He loves to cuddle with his mom. He is very happy little boy who understands what is happening around him. 

Wherever Aiden is, his smile brightens the room. Mom, Derica, says, “With all that he has endured, Aiden has a heart of gold. He gives love, and he seeks love. It’s what has gotten him this far. He is my heartstring.”

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