Cameron M, age 16

Photograph by Jennifer Curtis (2023)

A fighter with the biggest heart, Cameron has faced many challenges, but his spirit is still shining. He believes firmly in family, and aspires to be like his siblings. He loves anything to do with nature, especially the changing seasons.

Cameron is diagnosed with autism and has feeding and cecostomy tubes. He recently underwent surgery on both of his legs, leaving him in casts for eight to twelve weeks. Cameron is recovering from surgery with grace, and with the support system created by his parents, three siblings, and countless friends.

“Cameron has changed, inspired, and blessed our family in so many ways” says his mom, Melanie. “He has taught us you don’t need to use verbal words to share love with each other.”

Cameron’s family is amazed at his ability to continue moving forward through even the most difficult times. Melanie believes there are guardian angels who have watched over him because he is a child of many miracles.

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