photograph by: Andrea Zeh (2019)

Braden is a strong, resilient, and determined 12-year-old boy. He loves being active and playing sports. In addition to his athleticism, Braden has a creative side and is extremely artistic. His mom loves displaying the artwork that he creates and says he is very talented in both drawing and painting.

Braden has been diagnosed with sickle cell disease and asthma, but he doesn’t let anything hold him back. He has faced every challenge thrown his way without slowing down and tackles each day with a smile on his face. Braden has truly become an advocate for sickle cell warriors like himself. Braden works closely with the nonprofit that his parents have founded inspired by his story, called The B Strong Group. Braden loves volunteering and sharing information about the organization alongside his family as they work together to spread awareness about sickle cell disease. His parents know he will continue to inspire others to live positively and will always be ready for the next challenge life sends his way.

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