Black and white photo of toddler boy jumping at the park

Elijah L, age 3

Photograph by Hannah Billingsley (2024)

Elijah is a vibrant and joyful young boy whose interests and personality light up any room he enters. His enthusiasm for life is evident in his favorite activities, which include swinging, bouncing on trampolines, and embarking on adventurous stick-collecting expeditions with his beloved animal toys. At home, he cherishes playful wrestling matches with his dad and sweet moments with his baby sister. His love for simple joys—like a trip to his grandmother’s house or indulging in his favorite fries from McDonald’s—further showcases his cheerful, loving nature and his ability to find happiness in everyday moments.
Elijah has a diagnosis of autism. His family works hard to make sure he has access to early intervention services and any resource necessary for his success. His family found resources for homeschooling, which allowed Elijah’s family to tailor his educational experience to his needs. As they navigated these paths, the family’s bond strengthened, and they became fierce advocates for Elijah’s growth and development.
Participating in LOOK! is more than just an opportunity for Elijah to be in the spotlight; it symbolizes his journey from a shy child, afraid of small, enclosed spaces, to one who can now explore park tunnels with joy and confidence. This transformation was not just physical, but emotional and social as well. Elijah, once hesitant to interact, now engages happily with those around him, following directions better and connecting with people in meaningful ways.

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