Black and white photo of a male child standing under a tree with hands on hips

Skylar H, age 14

Photograph by Emily Barnes (2024)

Skylar is a very loving young man. He expresses his love to his immediate family by giving hugs or giving gifts that spark happiness. He loves to make anyone happy by telling jokes or giving someone a special nickname. Skylar always makes sure that everyone has what they need when they need it. He is a calm and collected person who does not get upset easily.
Born with Propionic Acidemia, Skylar had tubes for food and medicine up until the age of nine. He has therapies and braces on his legs and ankles to help with weak muscle tones. When he was five years old, he received a liver transplant to address his Propionic Acidemia. During elementary school, Skylar was diagnosed with autism. He has chronic kidney disease and cardiac issues as well. Now, he no longer needs a feeding tube of any kind. He is learning to be more independent with ABA therapy and family support.
Nothing stops Skylar; he is the true definition of a fighter. He is tech savvy and a math whiz. He loves to expand his knowledge and then teach others about what he has learned.
“We do not take anything for granted any more. He brightens up each and every day,” Skylar’s family says. “He does not let us forget anything important to us. He brings true joy to our hearts.”

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