Black and white photo of child smiling with a bow in her hair outside

Bradley L, age 6

Photograph by Mandy Merck (2024)

A sweet, bright, funny girl who is never unhappy for long, Bradley loves to be helpful and tries to be a friend to everyone. Bradley received a Terrific Kid award at school for her willingness to be a good friend and help others. She has a very giving heart, even donating her toys to children in need.
At 18 months, Bradley started speech and occupational therapy to work on speaking, eating, and sensory sensitivities. By three years old, she was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1), a disorder associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. When she was four years old, Bradley was also diagnosed with autism.
Through every challenge, Bradley demonstrates her love of life through her silly, friendly, energetic personality. She has a wonderful imagination and can turn anything into a toy or game. She embraces new things and new people with self-confidence and without judgment. She loves animals, playing at the park, and making new friends.

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