Black and white photo of young male child leaning against a wall

David E, age 14

Photograph by Kris Copeland (2024)

David loves to make people laugh and is great at telling jokes! He enjoys the outdoors and adores holidays. He likes reading, dancing, playing piano, swimming, amusement park rides, and all things Donald Duck!
This year, he participated in the job training program at the Unumb Center which has been a great success. He loves his dance classes at Goins Dancing and enjoyed performing in his first dance recital in 2023! He also started piano lessons in January 2024 at Freeway Music in Blythewood. His family is amazed at how quickly he is learning to play and how much he loves music. David and his sister have participated in the Papa Tank Theatre for Inclusion programming and performance opportunities over the past year.
David has overcome numerous obstacles including open heart surgery at MUSC before he was three months old. He has a diagnosis of autism and anxiety.
David has a love of life! He embraces new experiences with enthusiasm and trust. He is excited to learn and develop new skills and enjoys creating his own gifts for others such as cards or poems. He loves to connect with others in meaningful ways.
David leads others to see the magic in every day. His family wants others know that their son has extraordinary gifts to share with the world!

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