Black and white photo of young adult male playing basketball outside

Austin A, age 25

Photograph by Finley Edwards (2024)

A friendly and people-loving guy, Austin loves to greet and talk to anyone he meets. He is kind, full of joy, and an encouragement to all people. He puts a smile on many people’s faces.
Austin loves to listen to music and especially likes to encourage others by singing a song to them. He has a beautiful singing voice and can even do an impressive tribute to Elvis! He sings for soldiers at Fort Jackson, elderly people in assisted living, Night to Shine, at numerous sporting events, and at church.
Born prematurely, Austin weighed 2.8 pounds and spent 10 weeks in the NICU. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at age two and autism at five. He has worked hard to make great progress in all areas of his life.
Austin participates in sports and loves to swim, shoot baskets, play tennis, box, and run track. He has an upbeat attitude about most anything in life and brings much joy to his family and friends!

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