Black and white photo of toddler boy running on a sidewalk

Zander Isaac C, age 3

Photograph by Kevin White (2024)

With a smile that lights up the room, Zander Isaac Crespo has a loving and caring soul. He loves his family like no other and makes it his mission to make anyone’s day better. His family describes him as independent, easy-going, and extremely active. Somehow, he always finds dirt and water wherever he goes. He dances his heart out to whatever song is playing. He follows a beat like none other and dances with not a care in the world.
At 18 months old, he was recommended to begin speech therapy. As time passed, he began occupational therapy and was eventually diagnosed with autism. Zander now attends an ABA preschool and has an AAC device that helps him communicate. He is saying simple words like Bye, Eat, and Mom. Every milestone is a big one for his family. He is thriving and every day he shows and teaches his family something new about him.
Zander works every day to hit milestones. In the past year, he started saying “Mama” and is letting his family know when he has to go to the bathroom. Working so hard, he has inspired and taught his family in many ways.

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