Black and white photo of an infant boy looking between playground equipment

Jamie V, age 2

Photograph by Michele Hutchinson (2024)

Jamie loves to explore the outdoors, play ball, listen to music, and be around people. He sings all day, knows his colors and ABCs, and counts to ten. When Jamie is tired of being social, he turns off his cochlear implants to enjoy silence.
At birth, Jamie’s parents found out that he was born with severe profound bilateral hearing loss. At 12 months old, he received his first cochlear implant in his right ear. At 15 months old, he became bilaterally implanted. Through this journey, Jamie has experienced the best of living in a world with hearing and also in a world of deafness. Not only can Jamie communicate through ASL, but he can also use verbal communication. He learned how to thrive in both worlds!
Jamie’s mom, Debora, tells us, “We come from a hearing world, and we hoped someday Jamie would be able to be part of it. There is no limit to what Jamie can achieve! Being deaf is part of him, and being part of both the deaf and the hearing world is an amazing opportunity for him to celebrate and enjoy life in all aspects.”

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