Black and white photo of three female children; two holding hands and one leaning against a tree

Claire F, age 9

Photograph by Kevin White (2024)

Claire is in fourth grade and growing like a weed! In school, reading continues to be her strength academically, as well as a favorite activity outside of the classroom. Whether she is curled up quietly with a book or playing school and reading to her stuffed animals and dolls, Claire has a passion for literacy.
Claire, along with her sisters, also loves music. Whether it be singing in the church choir, singing throughout the house with a Wi-Fi microphone, or making videos inspired by Taylor Swift, music is part of their daily life. Claire has also started Hip Hop dance lessons!
Diagnosed with Down syndrome, Claire’s parents say they feel proud and inspired by Claire’s journey. Whether it is learning a new subject in school, riding a roller coaster, or exploring a new skill like kayaking, she is curious and self-confident.
“Claire is a very happy and joyful child,” says her mother, Meredith. “She does not worry about things the rest of us sometimes get caught up in. She can be expressive, but she seeks peace and strives to create a calm environment. If she could, she would like to make the entire world happy.”

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