Black and white photo of a young adult women sitting in a dance studio

Jocelyn F, age 13

Photograph by Tonya Rangel (2024)

If there is one place you can find Jocelyn in her element, it is in dance class. Her family feels fortunate to have found a dance studio where Jocelyn participates in adaptive classes and thrives in all dance genres, including hip-hop, lyrical, tap, jazz, and ballet. Jocelyn enjoys shopping, anime, playing basketball, and collecting miniature toys.
Jocelyn has complex diagnoses including trisomy X syndrome, congenital hypothyroidism, autism, ADHD, and other co-occurring disorders.
Jocelyn’s greatest trait is her perseverance. Starting when Jocelyn was a toddler, her parents relentlessly pursued diagnoses with her doctors and were persistent in working with her school to ensure Jocelyn received the accommodations she needed. When mastering tough subjects in speech or learning difficult dance moves, Jocelyn works until she masters the concept. It makes her whole family proud when Jocelyn reaches one of the goals she sets out to accomplish. Though she does it for herself, she knows meeting a goal usually means getting rewarded with ice cream.

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