Black and white photo of a toddler aged boy and girl walking near a lake

Adeline C, age 4

Photograph by Julie Davis (2024)

Adeline’s journey has been one of resilience and hope for her family, exemplifying strength that far surpasses her young age. Diagnosed with apraxia of speech, sleep apnea and mild hearing loss, Adeline has navigated a path that few can imagine. Each step of her journey has been supported by Family Connection through their assistance with TEFRA, which has been instrumental in accessing necessary treatments.
At home, Adeline is happiest being creative: engaging in singing, dancing and crafting. Her favorite playmate is her lab, Norman, and she adores spending time with her younger brother, Theodore. Adeline’s fierce independence and sass shine through, as she is already advocating for herself in ways that astonish those around her. After a particularly challenging medical procedure, she proudly exclaimed to her nurses, “I did it. I’m so proud. I didn’t freak out,” marking a milestone in her ability to communicate and celebrate her victories.
Her mother sees Adeline not just as a child who must be brave but as an inspiration that has transformed their family’s perspective on life and resilience. This transformation has fostered a deeper appreciation for every moment and a stronger commitment to kindness and understanding. Through Adeline’s eyes, they’ve learned to see the world differently, approaching challenges with courage and a readiness to support others in their battles. As they prepare for the LOOK! event, Adeline’s story stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and the profound impact of community support in navigating the complexities of life with medical conditions.

Family Connection of South Carolina provides services and resources to families who have a child with a disability or specialized healthcare need. Since 1990 we have served more than 100,000 families and today our services are needed more than ever. We focus on parent-to-parent support, guidance with navigating the complex healthcare system, and assistance with school meetings and special education plans.