Black and white photo of toddler boy walking on the beach

Colton S, age 6

Photograph by Nicole Garmise (2024)

Colton makes every day brighter. His big personality brings joy to everyone he sees throughout the day. He is a happy, loving child who always has a big smile on his face and does not let anything get him down.
Born prematurely with undeveloped lungs, Colton had to be intubated and required oxygen for months until he received his tracheotomy. Being on a ventilator for two and a half years created setbacks and delays, but Colton worked hard to overcome many obstacles. He pushed himself through physical therapy with determination to walk with the other kids in his group. He has made incredible progress in learning to talk over his trach and can now say many new words. Colton also has a diagnosis of achondroplasia, which is a form of dwarfism. His family says that while he might be small, he is also mighty!
Colton shares his radiant, contagious smile everywhere he goes. Even during his hospital stays, doctors and nurses would come to visit him because he passed along such positive energy. His family sees Colton as an extraordinary kid with a heart of gold, and they are proud of him every single day.
A big fan of anywhere that involves water, Colton enjoys the beach. He also loves school and being with his classmates. Music is a big part of Colton’s life, and he can make his own beat without needing music. His mom finds this fitting since his whole personality is marching to the beat of his own drum!

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