Black and white photo of young adult male leaning against an arch outside

Nasir W, age 11

Photograph by Kris Copeland (2024)

Nasir is a boy who excels in learning. He made the honor roll again this year, making his parents, teachers, and principal proud. His favorite subjects include Spanish, music, and science. He does well in math, even though he does not like it. He has an inquisitive nature and wants to know more about everything. If Nasir does not understand something, he will keep asking questions.
Nasir was diagnosed with Down syndrome at six months old. Soon after, he began speech, occupational, and physical therapies. He has accomplished many unexpected things.
When Nasir is not in school, he loves to be at a playground. Recently, he started introducing himself to other children and is making new friends. Nasir’s indoor activities include dancing, singing, and playing guitar, flute, or keyboard. He enjoys watching music videos and musicals. A current favorite of his is The Greatest Showman.
Nasir is loving and does not like to see anyone sad or upset. He will console someone if he feels they need it. Having learned sign language during a time when he was having issues with his ears, he now uses ASL to help a non-verbal student communicate in class and with other children.
Nasir’s mom, Melanie, says her son is always positive and teaches their family all good things—patience, love, and kindness. She is excited to watch Nasir grow and become independent. She hopes his future includes going to college and finding a wonderful job—probably one that involves music—and starting a family.

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