Family Connection’s Greenville office has created a ground-breaking photographic display of children with special needs having fun in their community, with family, at school , at work and play. This exhibit was created with grants from The Children’s Hospital of Greenville Health System andThe Metropolitan Arts Council. Several area photographers contributed their time and talent to this exhibit. Special thanks to Tiffiney Photography, Susan Brewer Photography and Oliver Yu Fotographie.

“LOOK! I’m just being a kid!” was designed to give the viewer a glimpse into the lives of children with special needs. A boy takes his turn a bat, a young adult helps a customer at the grocery store and a young child flies down a slide with gleeful abandon. In these photos there are no disabilities or special needs, just kids being kids. By looking through the lens, images are captured, moments of delight frozen in time and 38 children show the “sameness” that binds us all.
“LOOK! I’m just being a kid!” will hang at the Hughes Main Library at 25 Heritage Green Place in Greenville, S.C. until May 25.