On May 5, 2023, Governor Henry McMaster signed the South Carolina Education Scholarship Trust Fund Act into law. This new program allows qualifying South Carolina parents to apply for a scholarship worth $6,000. These scholarships may be used to create a customized, flexible education for their child, as outlined below. The South Carolina Department of Education administers the Education Scholarship Trust Fund and has contracted with Class Wallet for programmatic support and to manage the distribution of scholarship funds to participating families.

Applications for the 2024-2025 school year opens on January 15, 2024, and closes on March 15, 2024. To learn more and apply, visit: https://www.classwallet.com/programs/southcarolinaestf/ 

To be eligible, students must:

  • Be a resident of South Carolina; AND
  • Have attended a South Carolina public school during the previous school year, OR have not yet attained the age of five on or before September 1 of the previous school year but have attained the age of five on or before September 1 of the current school year, OR have received a scholarship the previous school year; AND
  • Have a household income as follows:

Students currently enrolled in a public charter school, home school, and students participating in the Educational Credit for Exceptional Needs Children’s Fund program are not eligible for this scholarship program.

What types of flexible education expenses are eligible?

  • Tuition and fees of an education service provider
  • Textbooks, curriculum, or other instructional materials including, but not limited to, any supplemental materials or associated online instruction required by either a curriculum or an education service provider
  • Tutoring services approved by the Department of Education
  • Computer hardware or other technological devices that are used primarily for a scholarship student’s educational needs and approved by the department or a licensed physician
  • Tuition and fees for an approved nonpublic online education service provider or course
  • Fees for approved:
    • National norm-referenced examinations, advanced placement examinations, or similar assessments,
    • Industry certification exams, or
    • Examinations related to college or university admission
  • Educational services for pupils with disabilities from a licensed or accredited practitioner or provider including, but not limited to, occupational, behavioral, physical, and speech-language therapies
  • Approved contracted services from a public school district, including individual classes, after school tutoring services, transportation, or fees or costs associated with participation in extracurricular activities
  • Contracted teaching services and education classes approved by the Department of Education
  • Fees for transportation paid to a fee-for-service transportation provider for the scholarship student to travel to and from an eligible provider as defined in this section, not to exceed $750 for each school year
  • Fees for account management by private financial management firms approved by the department
  • Any other educational expense approved by the Department of Education

From SC Department of Education:  https://ed.sc.gov/newsroom/strategic-engagement/education-scholarship-trust-fund-program/

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