Support Parent, Jess Cheanratana
Jessica Cheanratana is the mother of twins who were born at 24 weeks and encountered many difficulties along their journey. She says she had no idea of the many complications that could arise or where to turn for information and guidance. She attributes the level of success her children enjoy today at the age of seven directly to the support, encouragement and wealth of information that the people of Family Connection provided.
In 2013, when her twins were two, she started attending the morning coffee event in Mount Pleasant. She says she met some wonderful mothers who showed her she wasn’t alone in her experiences. They shared advice and directed her to helpful resources.
“It relieved a lot of stress to share my story and hear the stories of others who have had a difficult time,” said Jessica. “I have also made some great friends along the way.”
As a support parent, Jessica says she is able to help parents who are new to the world of having a child with special health care needs.
“I think it is helpful for a parent with a new diagnosis to let them know that they are not alone,” she said. “When other parents share their experiences, it helps guide new parents to beneficial resources to make their journey a little easier.”

Interested in learning more about becoming a volunteer support parent? Contact Lisa Anderson.

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