downloadRecently we discovered a “mommy blogger” that was willing to share her story about her daughter, Aubrey. Aubrey was born in September 2007 and was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder at seven months old, that transformed into Epilepsy. Her mom has agreed to share her story in the form of a blog, “Just Say Hi.
In one of the latest posts, she talks about her daily activities being a stay at home mom. We invite you to read about daily struggle…
“Okay, how many of you parents that stay at home with your kids get asked the question “Are you enjoying being home with your children?? How do you answer that?? I mean, that is a trick question I personally think. Of course I used to answer with a big absolutely!! I wouldn’t trade it for the world!” Now I am just honest, and tell them “It depends on the day, and which child didn’t take a nap.” Honest, right??
There have been PLENTY of times I have sat here and though to myself “well maybe I can go back to work” or “I could really use some adult conversation.” The truth of the matter is…as much as I want to go back to work that is just not possible for me at this time due to certain situations obviously.
But, here is what I was thinking this morning. I get a lot more things accomplished by 9 AM every morning than I EVER did working in an office. Crazy, but the truth. A majority of these tasks are kid related, and things that are needed but it is better than sitting on a phone arguing with an insurance adjuster trying to justify why a patient needs this authorization for an MRI when they broke their ankle in 3 different places…Ya, that was an everyday phone call just about in the past.
By 9 AM, which is perfect because I have to watch my Live with Kelly and Michael, this is what I am done:

  • Aubrey is bathed before 7:30 most of the time (Bristol gets her bath at night time because she gets FILTHY throughout the day)
  • Then breakfast is made…sometimes it is two different choices because one kid wants a waffle, and the other wants yogurt or cereal. You never know!
  • Then I pick up the house from the night before while they eat, just so they can mess it up all over again. Which I haven’t quite figured out why I do this, but I guess it is just the OCD in me.
  • If they are still eating I will check my e-mails.
  • Once they are done eating, and I clean that mess up…it is time for some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! (Dance party most of the time)
  • Okay…so they’re watching the cartoons then I can throw a load of laundry in, water the plants, make the beds, pick out their clothes for the day…blah..blah..blah…
  • Sometimes throw a workout in there, or I just wait until they lay down to nap…
  • NOW…maybe I can brush my own teeth, get dressed, throw up my hair, and make my coffee because it is Live with Kelly and Michael time!!!!!

Like I said…that is more than I used to do before 9 AM when I worked. Usually by 11 AM I want a nap myself, but that never happens. Plus I am the type if I nap in the middle of the day, I am worthless the rest of the day. Also…this is just the beginning of my day…so I am sure you can imagine how the rest of the day goes. I do miss working Let me rephrase that….I miss the PEOPLE I worked with. Regardless it had its bad days, and I couldn’t wait for my last day so I could be home with my children, but having adult interaction is what I miss the most. That is why I bug my parents a lot throughout the day =) Haha.
So yes, I do enjoy being home with my children. It is a lot more work than I ever thought it would be, EVER. There is no sitting around on the couch, watching Netflix, eating junk, and having coffee dates with my girlfriends all the time. That DOES NOT happen…AT ALL! I am rarely lucky enough to sit down and enjoy my own coffee without a child climbing all over me. But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Maybe..sometimes…haha”
This blog was originally posted on “Just Say Hi” (6/11/2014).