With a new school year quickly approaching, it is helpful to have your child’s medical and education history organized and in one place to share with anyone who may interact with your child. We offer a training session on creating a Journey Toolkit designed to meet the needs of your child and family. Family Connection has provided My Journey Tool Kit workshops regionally within the state and has received extremely positive feedback from parents and educators who have participated via post session surveys and evaluation comments.
Individualized sections can be added to support children who are in foster care or other alternative settings. Foster parent surveys reflect the positive impact of having a tool that travels, tracks, and shares key information for foster child during initial placement, change of placement and reunification.  Evaluation comments highlight the importance of this tool in educational needs and supports for this highly mobile and at risk population.
What is a Journey Book?
A Journey Book is an organizing tool for families who have children with special healthcare needs.  You can use your child’s Journey Book to keep track of important information about your child’s health, education, and community involvement.
How can a Journey Book help me?
In caring for your child with special healthcare needs, you will get information and paperwork from many sources.  A Journey Book helps you organize the most important information in a convenient and central location.  A Journey Book makes it easier for you to find and share key information with others who are a part of your child’s life.
Use your Journey Book to:

  • Schedule your child’s medical appointments, educational meetings, and community activities.
  • Organize information and paperwork received from your child’s medical team and school.
  • List contact information for your child’s healthcare providers, educational professionals, and community supports.
  • Share new information with those caring for your child.

Useful resources
If your child has trouble staying organized or forgets to bring papers home from school, you’re not alone. Color-coding school supplies can make it a little easier for both of you. And if keeping one bit of information in mind while doing something else is a challenge, it may be due to working memory issues. Download graphic organizers that can help kids keep information handy. Then, explore more everyday ways to boost working memory!
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