LOOK! 2022

Capturing Moments in the Lives of Children and Young Adults with Disabilities

Dear Friends,

The 2022 LOOK! Photography Exhibit is a unique collection of photos offering a glimpse into the lives of children and young adults who happen to have a disability or chronic health condition.

We were honored to have more than 60 families participating in LOOK! 2022! We are truly grateful to the talented photographers who generously donated their time to create memorable photo sessions and beautiful photos for these families. Together they have crafted an inspiring collection which we are proud to share with you in the virtual gallery below, and in the the 2022 LOOK! Book.

The LOOK! Exhibit is very close to our hearts, as it speaks to our values of creating inclusion, equity, and community. It celebrates the families we serve, and we hope the photos and accompanying stories will provide viewers and readers an opportunity to pause, reflect, and appreciate the unique abilities of these extraordinary children and young adults.

Thank you to our participating families for giving us the opportunity to share a moment in your unique journeys. You inspire each of us at Family Connection of South Carolina every day, and we look forward to serving you and many more families in years to come!

2022 Photographs and Stories

boy sits on some steps


Photograph by xxxxxxxxx

young woman holds a clipboard while working in a screen printing shop


Photograph by xxxxxxxxxxx