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A night to shine sponsored by the Tim Tebow FoundationWe’d like you to know about an awesome opportunity coming up on Friday, February 7: The Night to Shine Prom for people with special needs, hosted by local churches and sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation!

Every guest of Night to Shine enters this complimentary event on a red carpet complete with a warm welcome from a friendly crowd and paparazzi. Once inside, guests receive the royal treatment, including hair and makeup stations, shoe shining stations, limousine rides, corsages and boutonnieres, a karaoke room, a catered dinner, prom favors for each honored guest, and, of course, dancing!

Last February, 375 churches representing 28 denominations and 150,000 volunteers in 50 states and 11 countries came together on one night to celebrate 75,000 honored guests with special needs in what has become not just a nationwide event, but a worldwide movement that celebrates people with special needs. Each guest receives a crown or tiara, because they are all kings and queens.

Night to Shine is an invitation-only event for people with special needs. Invitations are extended through host churches. Please refer to the list of host churches and contact them directly to recommend a guest.

Night to Shine Locations in SC

See the full list of locations worldwide

To learn how the Tim Tebow Foundation celebrates people with special needs worldwide, visit TimTebowFoundation.org.