Your voice is still needed NOW to ensure that children with disabilities and special healthcare needs continue to have the services they desperately need through Medicaid.

Several options to repeal the Affordable Care Act have been considered, and our Congressional leaders are still debating options. One option – the American Health Care Act –  would have ripped away health coverage from 23 million Americans according to the Congressional Budget Office.
South Carolina would be one of the top states impacted. OUR children and citizens – more than 632,000 children in our state – would no longer have access to the care and services they need and deserve.
South Carolina Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott are in the position to stop this and need to hear from you! Please call their offices NOW and this week until you reach a staff person. The key points are below.
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R)

Sen. Timothy Scott (R)

  *South Carolina is identified as a state that will struggle most with Medicaid cuts. (A good summary is this Post and Courier article.)
  *Medicaid CAPS are different than Medicaid expansion. Caps will hurt ALL people on Medicaid – children with disabilities and special healthcare needs, healthy kids, disabled adults, elderly – since states will get one amount of money to divide as they see fit.
*Since the amount states will get is based on their 2016 spending, more generous states will get more than less generous Medicaid states. That means South Carolina taxpayers would be paying for money to go to NY, CT, and other states with generous Medicaid benefits.
  *It’s critical that our legislators protect children’s health coverage as they consider the American Health Care Act (AHCA).
WHAT TO SAY specifically about YOUR family:
*I have a child with special healthcare needs and ___ (provide brief details).
*My child’s health and my family’s well-being depend on our healthcare coverage. The coverage we have now through Medicaid works for us and makes a huge difference in our lives.
*If my child loses coverage, we will lose ___ (include a specific example and how it has benefitted your child).
*If you make any changes at all to these programs, strengthen them. Please do not hurt my child by cutting or changing Medicaid, weakening protections for those with pre-existing conditions or reducing health benefits.
*Thank them for their time and attention to this critical issue.

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